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Feral Cat Control

Feral Cat Hunting In Backyard

Varment Guard offers feral cat control, trapping and removal solutions for your property. Our expert technicians have the tools and knowledge for humane and effective feral cat removal.


Common Name: Feral Cat (wild cats)

Scientific Name: Felis catus

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Cleaning up sheds and cluttered areas is one way of deterring wild cats from utilizing a building for shelter. Exclusion work to close off access to outbuildings, crawl spaces, etc. is another way of preventing problems with feral cats.

Cats can be captured and removed using humane live trapping. It is very difficult to make a house pet out of a feral cat!

Trapped cats will be handled according to state and local regulations.


Everyone knows what cats look like; feral (wild) cats are the descendants of house cats that escaped or were abandoned. Feral cats may be identified by their lack of collars or tags, and by their generally unfriendly nature. Unlike domesticated cats, which can usually be coaxed to come to you for a treat or to get their neck scratched, feral cats do not come when called. They keep their distance, eyeing you suspiciously. Feral cats are often the offspring of many generations of wild cats; they are prolific breeders!

What Damage Do Cats Do?

Feral cats may take shelter in sheds, garages, crawl spaces and other cluttered or inaccessible areas. They urinate and defecate all over, creating a smelly health hazard. If inadvertently surprised and discovered by someone, they will bite and scratch. Cats are known to be occasional carriers of rabies, so if you are bitten or scratched by a feral cat and cannot catch it (to be tested for rabies), you will need to undergo a series of rabies shots. Feral cats are also a threat to desirable birds.

We can rid you of feral cats safely and efficiently!

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