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How Do Birds Choose Where to Nest?

It might seem like birds can nest wherever they want--especially if they've ever nested near you. While it's true that birds build nests in a wide variety of places, however, those places can't be anywhere. In fact, birds have to be surprisingly particular about where they make their nests.

Most birds have a kind of "checklist" of qualities they need a nesting place to have. When it's time to nest and start raising babies, birds look for places that fit their specific criteria. If your home fits the bill, then they'll move in! Here's what birds are looking for and why:

If you've ever had birds nest around your home, you know it can be a pain. Not only are birds loud and disruptive, they can be destructive and dangerous too! Even if you love birds, you know it’s better to admire them from a distance. Less dirty, too.

If you've learned that your home is the perfect place for bird nests the hard way, do not attempt to remove the nest yourself. Not only is it dangerous for you, the birds, the baby birds, and the bird eggs, but it may even be illegal! There are many federal and state laws that prohibit damaging or removing active bird nesting sites for species native to your area. You should never assume it's safe or legal to remove a bird nest on your property yourself.

Luckily, you don't have to remove bird nests yourself! Instead, you can call the professionals at Varment Guard any time. Our experts have the tools and knowhow to remove bird nests safely, legally, and humanely. We'll even help you make your home less accessible in the future! If you have a bird nest on your property, Varment Guard is the service to call.


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