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Residential Home Wildlife Control

Do you have wildlife causing problems in or around your home? Get professional wildlife control and removal from Varment Guard today!

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We DO NOT handle domestic pets like cats and dogs

Looking for Humane Wildlife Control Services? You’re in the Right Place.

Varment Guard provides environmentally-sound nuisance animal removal and prevention. Our highly-trained and licensed technicians are passionate about providing you with the most up-to-date and innovative animal control and wildlife removal techniques.

From animal trapping to wildlife removal, Varment Guard is the solution to all your wildlife problems, from animal capture to exclusion and prevention to odor control and property damage repair.   Schedule a service today or learn more about residential wildlife services below:

Need a Wildlife Inspection?

It's evident that animals are finding their way in, but the question is, how? Through a comprehensive inspection, we'll pinpoint those small and inconspicuous entry points that animals exploit to gain access.

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We Set the Standard of Excellence for Residential Wildlife Control

Our experienced and professional wildlife control service technicians are licensed, insured, and will serve you with great care and knowledge.

We have 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed. So you can be confident that our services will give you peace of mind when it comes to your wildlife issues. Our steps to successful residential animal removal and control include:

  • Thorough inspection to identify the pest and their entry points (attic inspection, roof inspections, and foundation inspection for example)
  • Removal of the animal and exclusion to prevent future re-infestation
  • Use of the best and most up-to-date methods for removal and exclusion
  • Trapping assurance and 5-year warranty on all exclusions

Get started with our wildlife removal services!

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We Seal It Up for Wildlife Prevention!

After Varment Guard successfully removes animals from your home, the last thing you'd want is their return. We'll secure those entry points, ensuring your home is off-limits and free from further intrusions.

What Kind of Residential Wildlife Services Does Varment Guard Offer?

We provide professional wildlife services for bats, raccoons, squirrels, ground moles, and much more. From emergency bat removal services to raccoon removal services to dead animal removal, Varment Guard has experience with virtually all types of wildlife infestations.

Don’t let wildlife issues wreak havoc on your home! Not only can our professional technicians get rid of your wildlife problem, we can keep the problem from returning. A few of our most common residential services include:

Where Does Varment Guard Offer Residential Wildlife Services?

Whether you’re looking for bat removal, raccoon removal, or squirrel removal, Varment Guard can get the job done. We offer wildlife control services in Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, and more. 

From Indianapolis, IN to Minneapolis, MN, from Detroit, MI to Pittsburgh, PA, we’ve got you covered. Check out our service area map below or visit our location page for more information!

Varment Guard: The Ultimate Choice for Humane Control of Nuisance Wildlife

When conflict occurs between people and wildlife, Varment Guard has always been there to provide resolution to all your wildlife issues. When an unwanted animal invades your home or property, we have the training, experience, and tools to provide the best solution to your problem.

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Explore Our Residential Wildlife Services

The solution to most wildlife problems is about more than simply removing a wild animal. At Varment Guard, we offer removal and trapping, exclusion and prevention, cleanup and odor control, and home repair services to make sure your wild animal issue is taken care of. Learn more about our wildlife services below:

Common Services


No Dog Cat Control Services Sm W

We do not provide stray pet services.

Why Varment Guard?

We Have Over 130 Years Of Experience

Our team has over 130 years of combined experience in wildlife control and bird management. This means when you work with Varment Guard to solve your nuisance wildlife issues, you have experts on your side.

We Offer Innovative Solutions

In addition to our humane approach to wildlife control, we use customized methods to meet each clients’ unique needs. We are equipped to handle homes of any size and wildlife infestations of any kind.

Our Team is Highly Trained & Educated

Nearly 90% of our wildlife service professionals have an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in wildlife management. Our remaining staff are all certified and have achieved a level of higher learning in their field.

We Employ Licensed & Certified Professionals

Our staff is required to be licensed, certified, and/or members of all local, state, and federal governing bodies. You won’t find efficient and skilled wildlife exterminators or wildlife professionals like the Varment Guard team anywhere else!

Our Customers Love Us

Frequently Asked Questions:

Where Can I Find Home Wildlife Removal?

If you’ve got wildlife causing issues in or around your home, get in touch with Varment Guard right away. Not only will we remove the wildlife from your property, we’ll figure out what’s attracting them to your space so we can prevent future problems.

I Need Emergency Bat Removal. What Should I Do?

Give Varment Guard a call at 800-793-8169. We have years of experience dealing with bat infestations and can remove and prevent bats in your home. Learn more about Varment Guard’s bat services today!

What to Look for in a Professional Wildlife Removal Company

There are a lot of wildlife removal companies out there, but few that perform efficient, effective, and humane services like Varment Guard. Here’s what to look for in a wildlife control company:
-Great customer service
-Humane wildlife services
-Quality and trustworthy reviews
-A website with helpful resources and information

Does Varment Guard Provide Humane Removal of Wildlife From Homes?

Yes! We do much more than simply trapping and removing nuisance wildlife. Our Varment Guardian program allows us to humanely solve wildlife problems. Varment Guardian is the ultimate choice for humane control of nuisance wildlife. Learn more about Varment Guardian and our humane wildlife services!

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No Dog Cat Control Services Sm W Bkg

We DO NOT handle domestic pets or stray cats and dogs!

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