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Wildlife Removal in Lima, OH

Lima is 72 miles from Dayton, 78 miles from Toledo, and 63 miles from Fort Wayne. That places it in the center of a series of larger industrial and manufacturing cities. This, in turn, means that a lot of visitors are traveling through Lima at all times. Not all of these visitors are welcome, however. If you face a wildlife pest problem in your home or business, give Varment Guard a call.

We’ve been giving Lima, OH residents expert wildlife removal and exclusion services for over twenty years. We don’t plan on stopping anytime soon.

Lima, OH Wildlife Problems

Nobody wants to be woken up at night in their Lima, OH home by the sound of pests in the walls. The sound and sight of squirrels, rats, or other wildlife charging through your home making a mess is frustrating, frightening, and all-around upsetting. Avoid and prevent these types of problems by partnering with the local wildlife removal experts at Varment Guard.

  • Animal Control: Varment Guard offers a comprehensive set of animal control services for the humane removal of wildlife from your property. We offer both residential and commercial animal removal services that include live-trapping, structural damage repair, exclusion, and more.

  • Wildlife Exclusion: The best way to fight against infestations is to prevent them from happening in the first place. That’s why we offer comprehensive wildlife exclusion services. Wildlife pests we can help you guard against include beavers, chipmunks, coyotes, geese, foxes, moles, rabbits, and more.

  • Bird Solutions: Varment Guard has over 20 years of experience providing bird control solutions. We can come out to your property, diagnose your problem, and determine which products or techniques are required to keep pest birds away.

  • Skunk Removal: The most effective way to handle skunk removal in Lima, OH is through live trapping. That’s why the expert technicians at Varment Guard use this approach. Live-catch box-type traps made from heavy-gauge plastic or sleaved wire make it easy to catch skunks when they hide beneath or around your property.

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Quality Assured, Humane Control

The entire staff at Varment Guard is knowledgeable, trustworthy, resourceful, and passionate about preventing and solving wildlife and pest concerns for our clients. We’re honored when they have something to say about it:

“Service was very prompt, and our technician was knowledgeable and very personable.”
-Shelley C., Lima, OH

When it comes to safe, humane, and efficient wildlife removal in Lima, OH, you can count on the experts at Varment Guard. Call today to see for yourself.

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