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Wildlife Exclusion Services

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What is Wildlife Exclusion?

Removing an intrusive animal from your property may solve your immediate problem, but it doesn’t do anything to address how animals are getting in. To avoid dealing with the same problem again, you’ll have to figure out how your furry or feathery intruder got onto your property in the first place. That’s where exclusion comes in.

Wildlife exclusion is the process of making sure unwanted pest animals can’t access your property or structure. Read below to find out how Varment Guard experts practice exclusion and what makes us so effective.

• Licensed & Insured 
• Residential & Commercial

How Exclusion Works

Varment Guard experts locate every possible access point wildlife could use to enter your home, business, or property. Depending on the pest in question, these access points could be anything from a gap beneath some damaged weatherstripping to a hole in your siding. Whatever it is, we’ll find it and make sure wildlife can’t use it again.

Varment Guard technicians utilize a wide variety of tools and techniques to remove and exclude wildlife from your property. During any residential or commercial animal exclusion call, we may:

  • Make repairs to minor structural damage, which wildlife may use to sneak into your home.
  • Install physical barriers like gates, netting, chimney caps, fencing, or wire mesh over larger access points.
  • Apply non-toxic animal repellents to vulnerable areas to dissuade pests from returning. These repellents may incorporate chemicals, electricity, sound, or physical barriers.
  • Clean hazardous animal waste or byproducts left behind by the problem animal.
  • Safely remove and, when applicable, relocate animal nests, dens, and burrows.
  • Remove musk, pheromones, or other animal secretions that may attract more wildlife to your home.
  • Identify parts of your home that might make it particularly attractive to pests, and find a plan to prevent that attraction.

At Varment Guard, our technicians are the most skilled craftsmen in the business.
We deliver expert damage repair and complete restoration of your property. View photos of our customized exclusion work below.


Exclusion Before


Exclusion After

Common Exclusion Services

  • Screening gable vents and soffit vents.
  • Patching soffits, dormer corners, roof junctions, siding and roof holes with aluminum flashing and caulking to match the existing aesthetic.
  • Covering roof vents and power fans.
  • Installing buried wire, and underground fence.
  • Chimney capping.
  • Chew resistant caulking.
  • Ridge guard and ridge vent repair.
  • Solar Panel Wildlife Exclusion

Why Exclusion is Important

Wildlife exclusion doesn’t just solve your current animal problem; it prevents future problems, too. Nesting and burrowing animals tend to return to the same sites year after year if given the opportunity. Exclusion helps make sure that doesn’t happen, ensuring your property stays protected from wildlife problems long-term.

If wildlife removal treats the symptoms of a wildlife infestation, then exclusion is the cure. It prevent future costly damage and because it prevents animals from having to be trapped in the first place, it is the most humane solution. Varment Guard can practice exclusion during a wildlife removal service call, or we can block off access points before you even have a problem. All you have to do to make your wildlife problems a thing of the past is contact us today.

Solar Panel Wildlife Exclusion

Animals and critters often exploit rooftop solar panels and, if not protected, can lead to serious damage to the panel or your home.

Protect your investment by hiring the best in the business! Contact Varment Guard today for a customized installation quote.

Animal Exclusion Barrier Around Rooftop Solar Panel

One-Way Door Bat Exclusion

At Varment Guard, our skilled technicians apply the most ecologically sound solutions for bat removal and smart exclusion tactics to safely prevent animals from reentering your property.

Buried Wire Exclusion

Many critters, such as squirrels, raccoons, opossums, and skunks, can gain access to your property via areas like under your porch/deck or into your sheds, garage, crawl spaces, and more.

Our technicians can help install buried wires under the ground in certain areas as part of our exclusion services. These wires create a barrier that prevents any animals from digging and accessing specific areas of your property. This is a humane, safe, and long-term prevention method for solving wildlife conflicts, as it does not harm or trap the animals but simply deters them from entry.

Buried Wire Exclusion

Nuisance Animal Damage

Many animals, such as squirrels, bats, rodents, and other species can do serious damage in homes, businesses, and other buildings. They chew holes in siding, soffits, and fascia to gain access to attics and eaves. Once inside, they use the house’s insulation material to construct their own nests, frequently undermining the thermal efficiency of the insulation. They may come in vents, chimneys and build nests above the fireplace damper, or may even emerge from the fireplace right into your living room or workspace.

Certain wildlife pests have been known to get into the walls of houses, chewing “highways” through the wall insulation and making a real mess of things. Worst of all, nesting in an attic or in walls sometimes gnaw on electrical wiring, creating a serious fire hazard and causing costly damage.

Get Expert Damage Repair!

Our technicians are experts at returning your damaged structure back to it's original condition and ensure unwanted pest animals can’t access your property or structure.

We accomplish this using a variety of tools and techniques to carefully inspect the damage and install an aesthetically pleasing repair. The finished repair will carefully match the surrounding construction materials of the existing structure.

Tech Repairing Animal Dammage On Gutter

Full-Service Chimney Rehab

The cement crown of your chimney can deteriorate over time due to exposure to the elements. This can lead to the eventual forming of cracks and gaps that pests like bats, birds, squirrels and mice can use to gain access into your home. The cracks also allow moisture to leak in. Our 'Full-Service Chimney Rehab' will stop the deterioration of your chimney, prevent unwanted pests, and enhance the overall appearance of your home.

  • Exterior Deep Cleaning
  • Re-sealing the Crown
  • Chimney Cap Upgrade & Install


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Chimney Rehab After

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Roof Ridge Vent Protection System

Varment Guard is a certified installer of RidgeGuard© and XclusionPro© from AAC-ProLine™.­

Ridge-Guard® is a system for guarding against animal entry at the roof ridge.  Installation of Ridge-Guard® eliminates the need in most cases of removing old ridge vents. It stops pests without the need for tear-offs of ridge vent or ridge caps.

Ridgeline Before


Initial damage caused by raccoon gaining access into attic. Damaged shingles and ridge vents are replaced prior to installation of Ridge-Guard©.

Ridgeline After


Ridge-Guard© is installed to prevent further entry from nuisance wildlife. Our technicians are trained on proper installation methods.

Protect your Ridge Vent from Flying Insects & Critters

Protect your roof ridge vent from flying insects and unwelcome critters. Contact Varment Guard today to learn more.

Ridge Guard Wasp Exclusion

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