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Squirrel Removal Fort Wayne, Indiana

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Humane Fort Wayne Squirrel Removal

Squirrel removal companies in Fort Wayne Indiana Varment Guard's areas of expertise. Our Fort Wayne wildlife control specialists will conduct a complete inspection of your property to determine the severity of the situation before recommending whether to remove a squirrel or family of squirrels. They will create a unique method to trap, remove, and seal all entry points after the inspection. Additionally, our expert will fix any damage the squirrel made and apply a sanitizer and ectoparasite treatment to clean up after the rodents. Additionally, they will offer warranty choices and a cost estimate for maintenance services.

Home Inspection for Squirrels

When inspecting your home, our inspector will be on the lookout for indicators like chewing on, inside, or around it, small openings leading to the attic or crawl space, droppings, and garbage like nuts or nesting materials. Eaves, soffits, vents, and chimneys are all possible entry points for squirrels into your home.

Humane Squirrel Removal & Trapping Services

Our wildlife specialist will determine how to remove the squirrel(s) from your property in the most effective and humane way possible when performing squirrel removal. The most popular techniques are:

  • One-way doors' deterrents against squirrel trapping prevent direct capture.
  • Since adult squirrels move too quickly and can fit into very small spaces, we do not physically trap them. A juvenile found in an attic will be manually removed and transferred with their mom. Our wildlife professionals will seek assistance from a nearby wildlife rehabilitation facility if the mom is not visible and the babies cannot survive on their own.

Removal & Damage Repairs

Squirrel exclusion in Fort Wayne is the most effective way to prevent squirrels or other nuisance wildlife from entering your home. To prevent further squirrel infestations, it is crucial to seal all existing and potential entry points. We also strongly advise using a maintenance service. Squirrels, like other rodents, have continuously growing front teeth, which allows them to gnaw a new way into your home.

Squirrel troubles in your home can be avoided with precautions like removing trees or tree branches that are on or near your roof. Additionally, we strongly advise against using bird feeders because they are a major attractant for squirrels and other wildlife. After squirrel removal, we urge all of our clients to get rid of any remaining food sources, such as easily accessible birdseed and acorns, in order to keep their homes squirrel-free.

Can squirrels do damage to people or property?

Squirrels can live peacefully beside people since they are non-aggressive humans. They are capable of being destroyed, though. In yards, squirrels will chew the bark of beautiful trees and plants as well as dig out hidden nuts and seeds, leaving holes and disrupting the overall presentation. Additionally, they destroy gardens, devour the produce from bird feeders, and chew on birdhouses.

Squirrels can chew and gnaw on wooden support beams and walls inside of homes, where they can nest in attics. By chewing on electrical cables, they also put nearby humans and themselves in danger. Furthermore, squirrels frequently move along power wires, which might result in electrical shorts.

Squirrel Exclusion and Proofing

Even after squirel control specialists remove troublesome squirrels, proper exclusion is still essential. Making simple adjustments to the yard can help prevent new pests from displacing the existing ones. One well-known example is the use of metal collars or plastic pipes to prevent squirrels from scaling trees and structures. The most practical course of action should be decided by a qualified wildlife control professional.

The Process of Trapping Squirrels

Since squirrels are often regarded as game, a special permit may be necessary in order to trap the pests. In addition, even though squirrels are not typically known to be violent, it is always safer to contact a qualified specialist than to try to manage wild animals without the necessary information or support. The wildlife experts at Varment Guard are knowledgeable in recognizing the many squirrel species and managing squirrel removal ethically and humanely. We don't destroy squirrels as part of our duty to safeguard people, property, and wildlife; instead, we humanely exclude or remove them from your property.

How to Get Rid of Squirrels in Your Attics

Calling the Fort Wayne Indiana professionals at Varment Guard is the most effective and secure way to get squirrels out of your attic. Never approach a noxious squirrel without assistance.

The most cutting-edge techniques available in the market are used by Varment Guard to humanely and safely remove squirrels from your attic. We locate and seal all entry points after the squirrels have been safely removed in order to prevent further invasions.

Varment Guard provides expert repairs for squirrel damage to homes, including exterior repairs, insulation repairs, and more, in addition to removal and prevention. Call your neighborhood Varment Guard as soon as you suspect there are squirrels in your attic.

How to Determine Whether Squirrels Are in Your Attic

Noises in the ceiling, like as scratching or scrambling, are frequently used to identify squirrels. This is particularly true for homes with finished attic beams or floors. When they first leave their nests in quest of food in the morning, squirrels are at their most active.

Why Do Squirrels Enter Attics?

Squirrels are always looking for protected spots to construct nests for their young. By chewing through gutter covers or building gaps where dormers meet the roofline, they get access to attics. Additionally, squirrels will chew on trim corners or any other weak spot that provides them with access to a shelter.

What Sort of Damage Can Squirrels in Attics Do?

Attic insulation or electrical wiring are frequently harmed by squirrels. But as numerous squirrel litters are born in or close to the house over time, the most damage is done. These squirrels frequently build their own nests in the same attic as they become older and leave the nest. If the initial intrusion is not dealt with quickly, damage to your home will quickly worsen. They'll continue to damage insulation and chew through wiring, and by doing so, they'll open up more entry points for more squirrels.

Give Varment Guard Fort Wayne wildlife removal professionals a call right away if you think there are squirrels in your attic.

Fort Wayne Indiana Squirrel Removal Services

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