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Pest Wildlife Control Fort Wayne, Indiana

Varment Guard offers humane Fort Wayne wildlife control services for your home and business. No matter what type of animal removal services you need or where you need them, we can get and keep animals out of your space.

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Fort Wayne Wildlife Service Table Of Contents

Wildlife Control Fort Wayne

Are you looking for professional Fort Wayne animal removal?

When you hear noise in the attic or see an animal make its way into your home, time may not be on your side however, our Fort Wayne wildlife removal team here at Varment Guard is! Our wildlife control process is safe, effective and humane.

We understand the stress of dealing with a wild animal in your home and make it our priority to remove the nuisance animals as quickly as possible.

Our Wildlife Removal Process

Home Inspection

The first step in resolving your wildlife problem is to conduct a thorough home inspection for evidence of animal entry. This inspection helps us to determine what kind of animals are entering, how they are getting in, and where they are getting in. Once the trapping process is complete, we can design the best plan of action for not just eradicating them, but also preventing them.

Animal Damage Cleanup

Our clean-up services are comprehensive from beginning to end. We remove bird nests from attics ranging in size from a shoe box to several feet tall and spanning several feet across the attic. When it comes to animal droppings, we handle the clean up from start to finish. We offer bat guano removal, as well as raccoon feces removal and all of animal waste requiring removal. When needed, we also provide full service attic insulation restoration.

Wildlife Trapping

Once nuisance animals have taken up residence in your home or attic, professional trapping is your first line of protection against them. From humane bat exclusion and bird control to squirrel, raccoon, and skunk removal, we offer humane and efficient nuisance animal removal solutions for all problematic species of Indiana wildlife.

Wildlife Exclusion

The most vital part of your wildlife control strategy is animal proofing & exclusion. Blood, hair, urine, feces, and sometimes even carcasses are left behind after a den has been vacated, making the den site essentially an open house. A skunk, squirrel, or raccoon will easily move in if no animal is there to protect the territory, and your problem will return to square one. If damage restoration has already been completed, this can be an absolute nightmare.

Bat Removal Fort Wayne

3 Top Dangers of Bats in the Attic

Do you need an experienced Fort Wayne bat removal company? Whether you have a single bat or an entire colony of bats in the attic, bats present dangers and you’ll want to get rid of bats quickly.

  1. Physical Damage: Attic bats roosting tend to destroy attic insulation and even drywall with the constant build up of guano and urine. This structural damage to your home may be denied by homeowners insurance leaving you with costly repair bills.
  2. Rabies: Never touch or try to capture a bat on your own, additionally if someone has been sleeping in a room with a bat flying around, the bat should be taken in and tested for rabies. Bat bites and scratches can go completely unnoticed and sadly, rabies is fatal if a vaccine is not administered within 14 days of exposure.
  3. Histoplasmosis: This is an infection that occurs from breathing in fungal spores found in bat guano. Bats in the attic produce large amounts of  droppings over time in roosting areas which present this disease. This is also why bat droppings should never be swept as this kicks the spores in the air.

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Wild animals accounted for 92.7% of reported cases of rabies in 2018. Bats were the most frequently reported rabid wildlife species (33% of all animal cases during 2018), followed by raccoons (30.3%), skunks (20.3%), and foxes (7.2%). - CDC

Raccoon Removal Fort Wayne

Dangers of Raccoons in the Attic

Looking for professional Fort Wayne raccoon control help? When it comes to having a large animal such as raccoons in your home, damage is almost guaranteed. Unfortunately raccoons also present disease risks as well as raccoon roundworm.

  1. Physical Damage: Raccoons in the attic are a recipe for home destruction. Raccoons are known to rip apart HVAC ventilation, smash attic insulation, damage attic fans rendering them non-operable, they rip off attic vents, bust through peak vents, tear holes through roofs and at times, even come through the ceiling drywall. Raccoon droppings and urine also can damage the drywall, which brings us to the next issue.
  2. Raccoon Roundworm: Raccoon feces is known to harbor a parasitic worm that is almost indestructible. The eggs in the droppings are said to be in 6 out of 10 raccoons, they can lie dormant in the soil for 5-7 years, can only be killed by fire and when injested can be fatal. Doctors do not understand the cause of the illness until the cerebral cortex has been attacked causing blindness. Do NOT touch or remove raccoon feces yourself, if you must, be sure to fully educate yourself on cleanup & disposal methods and be sure to wear full protective gear.
  3. Rabies: According to the CDC, raccoons are the second most frequently reported rabid wildlife species accounting for 30.3% of cases. A raccoon with rabies may appear intoxicated and stagger around. It might have "weeping" eyes and could be foaming at the mouth. The fur on the raccoon's face may appear wet and matted. It may appear oblivious to noises and movements that might normally scare it. If you notice a raccoon out during the day or behaving oddly, contact our team of professionals.

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Raccoons are the primary host of Baylisascaris procyonis, a roundworm that can be harmful to people. Roundworm eggs are passed in the feces of infected raccoons, and people become infected by ingesting eggs. Anyone who is exposed to environments where raccoons frequent is potentially at risk. Young children or developmentally disabled persons are at highest risk for infection as they may be more likely to put contaminated fingers, soil, or objects into their mouths. - CDC

Squirrel Removal Fort Wayne

Are you in need of Fort Wayne squirrel removal services?

Almost everyone loves squirrels. They are cute and many times friendly. In an attic however, squirrels are a major problem that can lead to a literal catastrophe. Squirrels and rodents constantly gnaw as their teeth never stop growing.

This becomes a major problem when they decide to gnaw electrical wires in a home or building. It is said that over 30,000 fires annually are attributed to rodent gnawing. What's worse is many homeowners insurance policies do not cover squirrel or rodent damages.

Squirrels in an attic also present the danger of smashing and destroying attic insulation. Once attic insulation has been crushed, it's energy properties will be compromised. Poor insulation can lead to an astonishing 50% increase in energy costs.

If you are in need of squirrel remove for squirrels in the attic, contact Varment Guard in Fort Wayne Indiana today!

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Gray Squirrel

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