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Cleanup Service & Odor Control

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Wildlife clean up and dead animal odor control service. We have the tools necessary to safely, legally, and sanitarily dispose of any dead animals and safely clean up the site.

  • Clean Out Services
  • Dead Animal Removal
  • Odor Control

Cleanup Services

We can offer partial or complete clean out of attics and crawlspaces due to damage caused by wildlife, such as bats, birds, squirrels, etc. The homeowner may ask about getting their attic or crawlspace cleaned up after the wildlife issue is resolved. The Wildlife technician can talk to them about this service which is separate from Exclusion.

In attics we will remove dropping and damaged insulation and then disinfect and deodorize. This may be the entire attic or targeted spots, depending on the situation.

  • Complete Clean Out
  • Partial Clean Out
Attic Clean Out Before And After

Partial Clean Out of residential attic space.

Dead Animal Removal

Varment Guard offers a dead animal removal service that can be done if customer can visibly see a dead animal or is smelling the odor of a dead animal from an unknown location.  If the dead animal is unobstructed and easily accessible the tech will come out and remove the animal.  Examples of this would be a dead animal in a lawn or driveway.  If the animal is in an unknown location or underneath or inside of a structure the service will include the technician attempting to locate and remove the animal.  Examples of this would be a dead animal under a deck, porch or shed or in a wall or attic.  In these situations, the tech can also disinfect and deodorize the area where the animal was located.  If the tech is unable the locate the animal, he can provide some relief by applying products that will speed up decomposition or odor removing products such as deodorizing bags.  In either situation the technician can also locate any entry points and provide an estimate for exclusion or repair work to entry points that would keep animals from getting into these areas in the future.

• Raccoons  • Opossums  • Skunks  • Squirrels  • Deer  • Birds  • Domestic Pets

Odor Control

Do you have a dead animal smell and need odor control? We can help! The removal of dead animals entails the proper disposal of carcasses and disinfection of surrounding areas. We recommend never handling dead animals yourself, even with gloves on, and improper burial may result in the contamination of ground water, property owners should rely on Varment Guard's specialists to remove animal carcasses. We have the tools necessary to safely, legally, and sanitarily dispose of any dead animals.

  • Unobstructed Removal (animal is visible with direct access)
  • Obstructed Removal (animal is not visible, requires discovery and work to locate and gain access)

Skunk Odor Control

Varment Guard offers a service to help eliminate or reduce skunk odor. The service uses a product that will break down the skunk odor at the molecular level. It doesn’t cover the odor it eliminates it. The material is sprayed in a fine mist anywhere skunks may have sprayed including under decks, houses, sunrooms, sheds, and foundations of homes. It can even by applied to shrubs, bushes, and lawns.

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