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Professional Rabbit Removal

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Pest Rabbits 

Working with a professional wildlife control company is the best way to ensure problem rabbits stay away from your yard and garden. Varment Guard’s expert technicians have the tools and knowledge for humane and ecologically sensitive rabbit removal.

Keep reading to learn more about pest rabbits and Varment Guard’s services. Or if you’re ready to get started with our rabbit removal services, schedule a service. Or to learn more about wildlife removal, take a look at our Wildlife Removal & Trapping page.

Rabbit Pest Status

Rabbits are considered to be pests because they feed on succulent flowering and leafy ornamentals and garden vegetables in spring and summer. They girdle and kill shrubs and saplings as a result of feeding during winter. Rabbits can be discouraged from hiding and nesting on the premises if existing features that provide cover are removed. Such features include lower branches of shrubs that cover the ground, tall dense vegetation, wood and debris piles and spaces beneath out buildings.

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Rabbit Biology

Common Name: Eastern cottontail rabbit

Scientific Name: Sylvilagus floridanus

  • Adult body length (without tail): 14 to 17 inches
  • Adult body weight: 2 to 4 pounds
  • Gestation period: 28 to 30 days
  • Litters per year: 2 to 3
  • Litter size: 2 to 10 (usually 2 to 5)
  • Breeding season: February through August
  • Birthing season: March through September
  • Age at which young are weaned: 3 weeks
  • Activity period: Night (pre-sunset to post-dawn)
  • Range: 10 acres or less
  • Primary foods: Vegetables, weeds, wildflowers, shoots, tender twigs, live bark

How to Get Rid of Rabbits in Your Yard  

Rabbit Exclusion

Rabbit exclusion is a great way to discourage rabbits from your property. Rabbits can be prevented from accessing your plants and vegetables by installing a 2-foot high fence. This fence is made up of chicken wire of ½ - 1 inch mesh galvanized hardware cloth that is placed around the planting bed, fruit patch, or garden. It is important to exclude rabbits from your deck, shed, and porch.

These wildlife pests are also known for girdling bark off trees and shrubs (which kills them). The solution to this problem is protecting the trunks with wire mesh. 

Rabbit Live-Trapping

Pyramid rabbit traps or live-catch wire cage traps can be effective for reducing rabbit populations. Winter baits include dried half-ears of apples and dried alfalfa and clover. Cage traps can also be set as funnel traps to capture rabbits leaving tight spaces under decks. 

Rabbit Repellents

Varment Guard offers a repellent application service to deter rabbits. Repellents are generally recommended for use on woody parts of shrubs and saplings and ground sites desirable to rabbits for hiding and nesting. Periodic reapplications may be needed to keep rabbits away.

Varment Guard can trap and remove rabbits from your property to keep your yard and garden safe. Schedule a service today!

How to Get Rid of Rabbits: Schedule a Service with Varment Guard

Experience a worry-free solution to your rabbit troubles with Varment Guard. Our technicians are equipped with the latest tools and possess in-depth knowledge of effective rabbit removal methods.

We understand the importance of maintaining the delicate balance of our ecosystem while ensuring your space remains rabbit-free.

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We can rid you of rabbits safely and efficiently!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why Do Rabbits Keep Choosing My Yard?

Any variety of ornamental plants, bushes, shrubs, and flowers could attract rabbits to your yard. Vegetable gardens are also enticing. Basically, if your plants are accessible, a rabbit will likely go after them. Learn more about why rabbits choose your yard as a place to set up shop.

How Do I Keep Rabbits Away From My Yard?

Keeping rabbits out of your yard means depriving them of what they want. First, you’ll need to fence off rabbit food sources. You should also block access to rabbit-accessible covers like your porch. Finally, look for other good food sources like fallen fruit and bird seed—clean them up frequently. Learn more about how to keep rabbits away from your yard.

Do Rabbits Hibernate?

No. In fact, there are no rabbit species that hibernate during winter months. Instead, they remain active (and eating) all winter long. That doesn’t mean rabbits are unaffected by the cold, however. Winter is just as hard on rabbits for several reasons. Read more about what rabbits do in the winter.

What Do Rabbits Eat?

Rabbits feed on a wide variety of plant life, including grass, weeds, seeds, flowers, and leaves. They can’t ingest anything meat-based, which means they’re less likely to root through your trash. Rabbits will also eat vegetables and fruit if they can get it, even though these high-sugar foods are bad for them. Learn more about a rabbit’s diet.

What Do I Do if I Find a Rabbit’s Nest?

Rabbits often build nests in grassy areas. Activities like mowing and raking your yard can disturb rabbit nests. If you find that a nest has been disturbed, put it back together and cover the young with the grass that originally covered them. Removal of juvenile rabbits is not recommended; even if they are taken to an animal rehab facility; they are unlikely to survive.

Juveniles will be big enough to leave the nest within 3-4 weeks. If you find a chipmunk-sized but fully-furred rabbit with its eyes open, ears erect, and the ability to hop, it is meant to be on its own. Juvenile rabbits found alone are usually not orphans. As small and helpless as they look, they don’t need your help.

Are Rabbits Rodents?

No, rabbits are not rodents.They belong to the family Leporidae, which is part of a different order known as Lagomorpha. This order also includes hares and pikas. While rabbits share some similarities with rodents, such as having incisor teeth that continually grow, there are key differences. For instance, rabbits have four incisors in their upper jaw compared to rodents, which only have two. Additionally, rabbits typically have longer ears, larger hind legs, and a different bone structure compared to rodents.

How Long Do Rabbits Live?

In the wild, rabbits typically have a lifespan of around 1 to 2 years. This shorter lifespan is often due to factors such as predation, disease, and harsh environmental conditions.

Does Varment Guard Offer Ongoing Maintenance or Monitoring Services for Rabbit Control?

Yes. We understand that effective rabbit control often requires more than a one-time intervention. We offer ongoing maintenance and monitoring services to ensure that your property remains rabbit-free. These services can be customized based on your unique needs and may include regular property inspections, habitat modification recommendations, and reapplication of preventive measures as needed.

Does Varment Guard Handle Urban and Rural Rabbit Pest Control Issues?

Absolutely. Our team is equipped and experienced in addressing rabbit pest control issues in both urban and rural settings. Each environment presents its own set of challenges, and we have the expertise to develop tailored solutions that are effective in any setting. Whether it’s a city garden or a rural farm, we have the tools and strategies to manage your rabbit concerns effectively.

Can You Provide Rabbit Control Solutions for Large Facilities (Like Airports and Stadiums)?

Yes, we can. Varment Guard has the capability and experience to handle rabbit control solutions for large-scale facilities such as airports, stadiums, and more. We understand that these facilities require specialized strategies due to their size and the volume of people they accommodate. Our team is skilled in developing and implementing large-scale rabbit management plans that are both effective and minimally disruptive to your operations. Learn more about our commercial wildlife control services.

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