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Opossum Live Trapping & Removal

Juvenile Opossum Sitting On Tree Branch

Varment Guard offers humane opossum live trapping & removal services. Our technicians will remove these critters from your property effectively and properly. We have the knowledge and tools needed for a safe removal of opossum from your property.

• Trapping & Removal
• Exclusion & Prevention
• Damage Repair & Inspection of Entry

To learn more about opossum control &  identification, take a look at our Opossum page.


Opossums are captured by Varment Guard technicians using live-catch wire cage traps. Traps are set in trails or at entrances to dens. Fish, cat food, peanut butter, fruits, and marshmallows are excellent bait choices.


The most permanent way of correcting opossum problems resulting from their living under homes, buildings, decks, porches and sheds is to exclude their access. This can be done by the installation of a buried wire exclusion fence. Proper installation starts by trenching around the area to be excluded. Once trenching is completed, bent 1/2” x 1/2” galvanized hardware cloth in placed. It is fastened as a skirting around decks and porches, above and below ground, this will prevent re-entry by persistent opossums.

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