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Raccoon Removal & Live Trapping

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Our humane raccoon control and removal services will safely and effectively remove all raccoons from your home or business.

Trapping & Removal
• Exclusion & Prevention
• Damage Repair & Inspection of Entry

Trust the pros at Varment Guard for our expert raccoon removal and control services.

Raccoons frequently try to create a home in attic spaces and can wreak havoc on insulation. They also commonly seek shelter under decks, porches, sheds, and in chimneys. Raccoons will dig for grubs in lawns causing substantial damage. Grubbing is most common in late summer or early fall.

Trapping is the preferred method of removal of raccoons. Most commonly live-catch cage traps are used. These traps are baited with a variety of scents raccoons find irresistible. Fish, peanut butter, bacon, apple, peach and berry are all go-to baits. Once baited, the traps are placed on the exterior of the home near the point of entry. Traps are checked daily by one of our technicians. During this check, captured animals are removed, traps re-baited, and adjustment are made to trap placement.  Varment Guard technicians are also equipped and trained with funnel style traps. These traps are placed directly over the point of entry to catch any animals as they leave. This method is very successful for stubborn or trap shy animals.

Over-abundance or high populations of raccoons can be addressed through population control trapping. Baited traps are set along established trails, fence lines, buildings, or other cover used to move throughout the property. This reduces the risk of raccoons tearing into your home, rummaging through your trash cans, eating fish from landscape ponds, and greatly reduces the risk of exposure (people or pets) to any one of the many diseases they can carry.

No matter what the situation is trust the pros at Varment Guard for our expert raccoon removal and control services.


Live Animal Emergency Removal

A raccoon that has entered the living space of a structure and is in direct contact with the occupants or is sick or injured outside must be captured quickly to prevent personal injury and property damage. This can be achieved using an animal control pole (catch pole) and a highly trained Varment Guard professional. Onsite, they will locate and remove the problem animal. If the animal cannot be found, traps can be set.

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