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Shed & Deck Pest Barriers

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Problem Wildlife in Sheds & Decks

When wildlife looks for shelter under decks and in sheds, it can become extremely problematic. These animals often need to be removed.

Varment Guard has removed thousands of nuisance animals that took up residence under decks and sheds. However, it’s best if you can avoid this problem all together. That’s where our custom shed and deck barriers come in!

Concerns with Animals Under Sheds and Decks

Live animals under your deck or shed is one problem. Having dead animals under your structures is another issue.

Old and sick animals (raccoons, skunks, opossum, groundhogs, woodchucks, etc.) will often go under decks or sheds to die. Sometimes the smell from the dead animals will be so bad tenants must vacate the house for several days.

Raccoon Under Shed

Squirrel In Shed

What Type of Wildlife Damages Decks and Sheds?

Varment Guard removes many different animals from under sheds and decks. However, some of the most common animals that wreak havoc under sheds and decks include:

We Custom Design Animal-Proof Shed and Deck Skirting

Varment Guard has designed and engineered one of the most tested and effective deck and shed barriers for problem wildlife. These barriers can stop and prevent raccoons, squirrels, groundhogs, opossums, and more.

Our pest guard deck barriers are custom fabricated out of heavy duty ½ X ½ galvanized welded wire. Each deck or shed barrier is custom designed for each of our customers’ needs.

Varment Guard has installed thousands of feet of deck and shed barriers for entry prevention for problem wildlife. Additionally, to provide you with peace of mind, each of our pest guard barriers come with a 5-year unlimited warranty against animal entry.

Animal Proof Shed

Wildlife Deck Barrier

Keep Wildlife Away from Your Property with Shed & Deck Barriers!

Our shed and deck barriers keep animals out. So, if you’re having problems with nuisance wildlife, contact Varment Guard. We provide the most innovative humane nuisance animal removal and exclusion service available.

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