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Do you have a bird problem in or around your property? Take a look at common pest birds below. If you’re looking for commercial bird repellent systems, like the Avix Laser Bird Deterrent, check out our wildlife repellent page. Varment Guard offers humane, environmentally-friendly options for bird prevention on commercial properties. Learn more!

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Frequently Asked Questions:

How Do Birds Choose Where to Nest?

Birds choose where to nest based on location, concealment, food, and proximity to the mother’s sleeping spot. They strive to be away from humans in an area where there is a sufficient amount of food. That’s why window sills, gutters , railings, shingles, etc. are prime areas for birds to build nests. Learn more!

What Do I Do If a Bird Nests Near My Home?

Many species of birds commonly build nests on or near human structures, for all kinds of reasons. It doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with your property, specifically. It may just so happen that your home fits all the criteria for an ideal bird nesting location. Learn more about bird nesting!

What Are Seagulls Doing Here?

Gull’s home range varies based on species and time of year. Groups of seagulls establish breeding nests together and return to those same sites every year. Starting in mid-spring when temperatures rise, they begin to fly north to the colony nest site they use every year. Read more!

What Do Birds Do When They Come Back for Spring?

Many bird species find mates and reproduce starting in spring. After returning from migration or coming out from overwintering sites, they start looking for mates immediately. Birds stay out longer and venture further from their traditional feeding or nesting sites. Also, it’s a time when a bird’s favorite food sources start re-appearing. Learn more!

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