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Opossum defending bread in winter in snow with its mouth open

Normally, opossums keep to themselves. But when the weather starts to get colder, they can become a nuisance as they try to find warm shelter for winter. Keep reading to learn more about opossum behavior as the weather gets chilly!

Do opossums hibernate?

Opossums are active during colder months. They do not hibernate during the winter, however, they do slow down and spend more time in their dens. This is because winters are tough for opossums. Their hairless tails, paws, and ears often suffer from frostbite. So, finding a warm place to hunker down, becomes dire.

Where do opossums live when it’s cold?

During the colder months, opossums often find shelter in burrows that were originally created by other animals. Opossums rarely dig new burrows—they’d rather set up shop in an existing den. Other spaces that opossums seek shelter include:

●      Buildings and Homes

●      Logs and Trees

●      Rock crevices

●      Wood piles

●      And more

What do opossums eat in the winter?

For the most part, opossums are herbivores—they may also eat insects. Once the weather gets colder, and their food sources become sparse, opossums can become problematic. They may raid your garbage cans or dig in your yard looking for dinner.

How can I prevent opossums?

If you have an opossum problem near your home, it’s because they can find food and shelter there. Stop opossums from wreaking havoc in or around your house by:

●     Putting away and storing pet food inside

●     Cleaning up brush piles and burrows by your home

●     Securing pet doors so opossums can’t sneak in

●     Sealing garbage cans

How can Varment Guard help me with my opossum problem?

If you took the precautions above and you’re still experiencing an opossum problem, it’s time to get in touch with the experts at Varment Guard. Our humane opossum control services will safely and effectively remove all opossum from your home or business. At Varment Guard, we offer:

Opossum Trapping

Opossums are caught using live-catch wire cage traps. The traps are baited with scents that opossums find irresistible.

Opossum Exclusion

Opossum exclusion is completed by installing a buried wire exclusion fence. Our expert team will install this fence by trenching around the area to be excluded. Once that is complete, ½ inch by ½ inch galvanized hardware cloth is placed. It is fastened as a skirting around decks and porches, above and below ground, this will prevent re-entry by persistent opossums.

Need help with an opossum? Get in touch with Varment Guard today! We can solve your opossum problems safely and efficiently!