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Opossum defending bread in winter in snow with its mouth open

Opossums don’t want to have to interact with humans. However, when the weather starts to get colder, they can become a nuisance as they try to find warm shelter during the winter. Your basement, garage, shed, and other secluded areas are often sweet spots for opossums when the weather gets chilly.

A great way to avoid an opossum problem this winter is to know what these pests are up to all season. Keep reading to learn more about opossums and what they do in the winter!

Do Opossums Hibernate?

No. They do not hibernate. Opossums are active during the winter. However, as the temperatures drop, they do tend to slow down and spend more time in their dens.


Winters are tough for opossums; their hairless tails, paws, and ears often suffer from frostbite. This is why finding a warm place to hunker down is dire for opossums. So, where do these marsupials end up finding shelter?

Where do opossums live when it’s cold?

Opossums often find  shelter in burrows that were originally created by other animals. In fact, they rarely dig new burrows—they’d rather find shelter in an existing den.


Other spaces that opossums seek shelter include:

● Buildings and Homes

● Logs and Trees

● Rock crevices

● Wood piles

In the winter, previously created burrows are more difficult to find due to snow and ice.That’s why, when temperatures plummet, opossums are more likely to find shelter in or cozied up next to your home.

What Do Opossums Eat in the Winter?

Opossums are omnivores. These critters are far from being picky eaters. A few things that opossums are known to eat include:

●      Rodents

●      Snakes

●      Insects

●      Eggs

●      Grains

●      Fruits

The issues arise when the weather gets colder because their food sources become sparse. There are no gardens for sneaking worms, snakes, and fruit, no open fields flourishing with grain—in the winter, opossums often raid garbage cans or dig in yards looking for dinner.

How Can I Prevent an Opossum Problem This Winter?

If you have an opossum problem in or near your home, it’s because they have access to food shelter. You can limit their access by:

● Putting away and storing pet food inside

● Cleaning up brush piles and burrows by your home

● Securing pet doors so opossums can’t sneak in

● Sealing garbage cans.


To safely and effectively remove opossums from your home or business, get help from the professionals at Varment Guard. We offer opossum trapping and opossum exclusion to get and keep pesky wildlife away from your property. Don’t let opossums find shelter in your home or meals in your garbage cans—get in touch today!


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