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Wild Turkey

Over the years, wild turkeys have become a nuisance bird for homeowners. The fall season may herd wild turkey flocks into your yard with their hunt for food and water sources. Running up to 25 miles per hour and flying twice as fast, a wild turkey invasion is not ideal. These birds are quite strong and can damage young plants, patio furniture, decorative items, or small feeders. Here’s why wild turkeys are in your yard and how you can deter them from your home:

Why are there wild turkeys in my yard?

Wild Turkeys enter your yard for one thing: food. In the early fall, wild turkeys tend to feed on seeds, insects, and berries before switching over to acorns during the winter. Because of this, berry bushes and oak trees are a main attraction for these birds.

Living near a forest and a water source (e.g. creek, pond, river, stream) can also drive wild turkeys into your yard. Wild turkeys prefer mature forests as they like to roost in broad-branched trees. Additionally, they rely on these tall, hardwood trees for coverage at night.

Are wild turkeys dangerous?

Wild turkeys can be aggressive toward people, especially those that have adapted to urban or suburban living conditions. They are not afraid to chase individuals away from their flock, so it is best to not bother these birds. Furthermore, wild turkeys may carry infectious diseases such as avian pox and other internal and external parasites. None of these infections pose a serious threat to human health, nonetheless it is recommended to not eat wild turkeys that show signs of infection.

How do I keep wild turkeys out of my yard?

To scare wild turkeys away, it is important to show dominance over them (from a distance). Wild turkeys tend to look frightening, however they are quite timid. Here are a few ways to chase them out of your yard:

●      Make loud noises. Waving your arms, yelling, or blowing a whistle are effective ways to send these birds running.

●      Remove any bird seed, berry bushes, or acorns. Eliminating a wild turkey’s food source will send the message that your yard doesn’t have anything that they need.

●      Spray them with water. Just like with any critter, spraying water at a wild turkey flock will chase them out of your yard.

●      Harassment. Turkeys can be deterred by using a variety of harassment techniques. The use of holographic bird deterrents, either solar-powered or wind-driven, can be used to broadcast an array of reflected light across an area. The expert at Varment Guard uses this erratic display of light in combination with noise and water deterrents to keep unwanted turkeys from coming back.

Although following these tips and tricks will help keep wild turkeys out of your yard, the best way to prevent them is to contact the experts at Varment Guard. We will ensure that the removal process is done as humanely as possible. Get in touch today! We’re happy to help.

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