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Squirrel Live Trapping & Removal

Squirrel Looking In Glass Sliding Door

• Trapping & Removal
• Exclusion & Prevention
• Damage Repair & Inspection for Entry

No matter what squirrel situation you encounter, you can trust that the pros at Varment Guard to have the tools and skills necessary for safe and effective squirrel removal and control at your home or business.

To learn more about squirrel identification, take a look at our Squirrel Identification page.

Live Squirrel Trapping

When nuisance squirrels are driving you nuts, live trapping is the method of choice. Squirrels often enter the premises via overhead routes such as trees or power lines. Traps are placed where squirrels are most active, typically on roof-tops or gutter lines. This allows passing squirrels to be in close contact with the traps. Traps may also be set on other travel corridors like fences, trees, or even the ground. A wide variety of baits are used to entice squirrels by smell and visual appeal. Baits like peanuts, peanut butter, walnuts, pecans, acorns, ear corn and sunflower seeds are used. For difficult to catch squirrels both a visual bait like ear corn is used along with an aromatic bait like peanut butter. Live-catch traps must be checked at least once daily to remove squirrels, freshen bait if needed, and adjust trap placement.

Squirrel Exclusion

Exclusion is the best and most permanent solution to squirrels gaining access to dwellings. Sheet metal or aluminum flashing are used to close openings in dormer corners, roof junctions and siding. Hardware cloth is used to screen gable and soffit vents. Chimney caps keep squirrels from nesting in flues. It is important when closing all possible entry points not to trap animals inside, therefore exclusion is done after all the squirrels have been removed from inside by live trapping. To prevent squirrels from gaining access to roof areas, pruning tree limbs is sometimes recommended.

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Squirrel Entry Hole After Exclusion


Tree Pruning Services

All Varment Guard Technicians are certified and experienced in expert tree pruning. Tree trimming can be very beneficial when done regularly. One of the main reasons why we offer tree trimming is because branches can provide a ladder for wildlife easily access your structure. Trees should be cut back to at least six to ten feet away from the roof line.

Getting the proper roof clearance is key to keeping a number of critters off your home. Some common animals looking for such shelter include red squirrels, gray squirrels, flying squirrels, raccoons, mice, and even the occasional opossum! We recommend 6' to 10' of clearance as the average "safe distance".  Getting this clearance is also beneficial to protect your home from branches failing and doing damage in wind.  Another benefit to trimming your trees is it promotes healthy new growth.  Pruning provides more sun light and makes the tree (and neighboring trees) healthier. Having your trees regularly pruned also improves the aesthetics of the tree and helps to make your property look pleasing to the eye. We utilize professional pruning equipment such as pole prunes, pole saws, hand saws, chainsaws (for larger cuts), climbing equipment and hand pruners for smaller trees and shrubs. All debris is then cleaned up and removed.

Tree Trimming Service Before


Tree Trimming Service After


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