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Why Varment Guard?

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Local & Trusted

Our career technicians are your neighbors, your kids’ coach, community volunteers, and church leaders. We’re everyday people who perform honest service work, to make a decent living, by protecting people and property.

Licensed & Certified Pros

Our staff is required to be licensed, certified, and/or members of all local, state and federal governing bodies and cultivate mutually beneficial industry associations and partnerships.

Rapid Response

When you call Varment Guard, you’ll reach a real live person right away. All electronic communications we receive are immediately put into action and followed-up is done ASAP. Our customer service representatives will gladly walk you through our process and get a technician to your location as soon as possible. Service requests, arrival notification, easy payment, and other advanced features are available to all of our clients via their online customer portal.

Highly Trained & Educated

Each of our technicians undergo a rigorous 3-week classroom training program followed by 4-6 weeks of on-the-job training and orientation. On average, we invest over 60 hours of additional training for each employee annually. We focus on continual growth and leadership opportunities for our people.  College-level correspondence courses, re-certification seminars, and independent study programs are available at all times.



Bats often infest attics without homeowners even realizing it, and when they are discovered, the guano accumulation usually causes significant damage.

Contact us if you believe a colony of bats has entered your walls, attic, or crawlspace.


Moles can destroy a lawn in little to no time at all. A mole can dig almost 18 feet of tunnel in an hour. You can imagine the damages that can accumulate in a matter of a day if even just a few moles have taken up residence in your yard.

Call us for mole control today!


Squirrels in the attic can cause a variety of issues for a homeowner. Squirrels have been known to gnaw the coating off electrical wires, which could lead to fires.

If you hear noise in your attic, contact us for a wildlife inspection to see if you have squirrels.


Raccoons are often the culprits of costly damage in attics such as torn apart insulation, water damage due to exposed shingles, and a mass amount of feces left behind.

Contact one of our technicians to curb any infestation before your attic is turned upside down.

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