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the most common wildlife problems
Some wildlife problems are more common than others. It’s very unlikely that multiple deer will ever end up inside your home, for instance. Don’t ask. On the other hand, almost everyone deals with a mouse infestation at some point in their lives. Unfortunately, no matter how careful you are, life finds a way (to annoy and inconvenience you). Fear not: every cloud has a silver lining… even wildlife problems. When wildlife problems are this common, the pros called in to deal with them get lots of practice. All that practice means when you call us with one of these problems, we’ll get it handled no sweat. Next time you have one of these super common wildlife problems, don’t panic! You’re in good company--and good hands!  

Rats and Mice

rats and miceYou knew this was going to be on the list. There are two types of people: 1. People who have had mouse troubles in their homes before. 2. Liars. 3. Newborn babies. Ok, three types of people. The point is, virtually every home has had a rodent issue at one point or another. The sneaky little fuzzballs are just very good at what they do. Luckily, with a little professional help, it won’t matter how skilled the rodential robbers in question may be. A pro technician will identify every possible means of access a rat could have. Then, they’ll either make appropriate exclusionary maintenance themselves or give their best recommendation. After sealing off ways in, the technician will apply mechanical bait traps indoors and poison outdoors (in controlled doses). Varment Guard even tracks rodents back to their nests using a special powder. Professional rodent control is fast, effective, and lasting.

Getting at Garbage

animals getting into garbageWhen wildlife come onto your property, they’re looking for a few predictable things: food, water, shelter. We listed food first for a reason. If you spot a skunk, raccoon, fox, or opossum near your home, chances are they’ve come around to get at your food. And while birdseed or fallen fruits might do in a pinch, what they really want is the jackpot: your garbage bin. What many pests lack in eyesight, they more than make up for in sense of smell. If you can detect even the faintest whiff from your dumpster, wildlife absolutely know you’ve got something they want. They’ll go to surprisingly extreme lengths to get it, too. Experts can safely remove animals from garages, dumpsters, cans, or anywhere else where the enterprising-but-overconfident critters may end up. We’ll help make sure your trash doesn’t become anything else’s treasure in the future while we’re around, too.

Bats in House

bats in the houseAah yes, a fan favorite. If a stray bat accidentally gets trapped inside your home, it rarely poses a serious threat to your health or safety. Not that knowing you’re probably not in danger will make you feel much better about it. Ironically, quietly roosting bat infestations put you at a much greater risk. Bat guano, urine, blood, and fur often contains human-transmittable diseases. Although it’s rare, rabid bats can and have bitten humans and transmitted rabies through their bite. Although they aren’t rodents, bats can fit through tiny gaps and cracks just like mice. Loose shingles, cracked brick, worn sealing, and holes in siding may all provide means for bats to enter your home. They’re also particularly inclined to roost in unprotected attics, uncovered chimneys, or exhaust and ventilation shafts. Luckily, experts can remove bats from your home quickly, easily, and safely.

Animal Aggressors

animal aggressorsAnimals rarely aggressively threaten people, and they never do so without reason. Unfortunately, that means if you have an aggressive animal on your property, it’s a very serious concern. Either that animal has taken up residence near your home and wants to defend its home, or it’s rabid. Even if an animal isn’t obviously rabid, it may transmit severe diseases via its saliva, blood, fur, or waste. Treat every wild animal encounter seriously, no matter the situation. The animals most likely to decide to live near your home include moles, skunks, raccoons, and opossums. Raccoons are (infamously) all about that garbage. That’s usually where you’ll find a opossum, too, unless its sleeping somewhere dark and warm. Moles and especially skunks burrow under decks and porches, so you might disturb them without even realizing it! If you’re worried you have an animal infestation on your property, let us know immediately.   We’ve probably made this clear enough already, but if you ever find yourself confronted by any of these wildlife problems, give Varment Guard a call right away. Our experts have the expertise, experience, tools, and training required to take care of your problem safely and effectively. Don’t stress, just call today!

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