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Coyote standing in yard in neighborhood

Surprisingly, coyotes can be found in the middle of cities, parking lots, and other urban areas. They are extremely adaptable and will spend time anywhere they can find food, water, and shelter. Their adaptability can make them difficult to get rid of. However, there are several techniques you can try to keep them away from you, your property, and your pets.

How do I keep coyotes off of my property?

Coyotes in your yard or near your home can be alarming. They are known to occasionally attack pets and can be aggressive with people. Keep your property free of these unwanted visitors with the following tips.

Coyote repellent

Coyote repellent is a simple way to keep coyotes off your property. Several scents you can spray in your yard to keep coyotes away include:

●      Cologne or perfume

●      Ammonia

●      Cayenne pepper & water mixture

●      Vinegar

If it rains, make sure you spray or cover the coyote-infested areas of your yard again.


Coyotes can easily climb and jump over fences. That’s why it’s important to have a coyote-proof fence, especially if you have a pet who roams your yard. An iron fence with straight vertical bars is difficult for a coyote to break through or climb. Make sure the fence is deep into the ground; coyotes like to dig.


Loud voices, whistles, air horns, bells, and cans full or marbles or pennies are all things that will scare away coyotes.

Store all pet food inside your home

If you have pets, make sure you keep all of their food and treats indoors. Otherwise, coyotes will sniff out the snacks and make their way into your yard.

Don’t tie dogs up outside

Even if you’ve taken preventative measures, don’t leave your dog tied up outside. If a coyote comes into your yard, your dog will have no way to get away if necessary.

Don’t feed the coyotes

Coyotes that are fed by humans can become fearless. This may cause them to become more viscous with your pets and bolder with you.

If you can’t seem to shake these pesky pests, get in touch with Varment Guard! Wildlife experts will humanely control and remove coyotes from your yard and keep them far from you, your property, and your pets!

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