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Squirrel sticking its head out of grey trash can

Your outdoor garbage can be an all-you-can-eat buffet for squirrels. Even if your can is shut, they have no problem chewing through the plastic to get to the snacks inside. That’s why it’s important to do all you can to keep them out. Follow our tips and tricks to keep squirrels out of your trash can for good.

How do I keep squirrels out of my trash cans?

Put can in an enclosed area

Put your cans in an enclosed area to keep them from getting knocked down. A garbage can enclosure is a great way to keep your garbage out of reach.

Use metal cans

Squirrels can easily chew through plastic garbage cans… especially if they know their next meal is waiting for them on the other side. Using a metal can with a bungee cord to keep the lid secure will keep squirrels out and your garbage in.

Use deterrents

If you’ve tried the methods above and you’re still dealing with these pesky pests, try using deterrents:

●      Water & hot pepper sauce. Spray the mixture of one-part hot pepper sauce and four parts water around your trash cans or problem areas.

●      Motion-activated sprinklers. Install motion-activated sprinklers in your yard in proximity to your trash cans. The water will scare away the squirrels.

If you can’t seem to get squirrels away from your outdoor garbage cans, get in touch with Varment Guard today! We’ll humanely and effectively keep squirrels away and keep them from coming back. Contact Varment Guard today!

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