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Birds can be a beautiful addition to our natural environment. However, they can also cause problems when they enter commercial areas such as airports, warehouses, and agricultural fields.

Bird droppings can damage structures, create unsanitary conditions, and pose a health risk. Additionally, birds can cause damage to crops and machinery and their presence at airports can create a hazard for planes.

Traditional methods of bird control, such as bird netting or bird spikes, can be costly and time-consuming. Fortunately, there is a new solution that is revolutionizing commercial bird control: the Avix Laser Bird Deterrent System.

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What is Avix Laser Bird Deterrent?

The Avix Laser Bird Deterrent system uses lasers to create a visual disturbance that makes birds uncomfortable, causing them to leave the area. The laser beam sweeps back and forth across the targeted area, creating a non-lethal deterrent that is harmless to both birds and humans. The laser beam is green, which is the most effective color for bird control, and it can cover a wide area.

How Does it Work?

Step One: Install the system. The Avix Laser Bird Deterrent system comes with a laser projector and mounting brackets. The projector is mounted in an elevated position, such as on a roof or a pole, and aimed at the areas where birds are roosting or nesting.

Step Two: Turn on the System.  Once the system is installed, turn on the laser projector. The projector emits a green laser beam that sweeps back and forth across the area being targeted.

Step Three: Laser Beam Effect. The laser beam is designed to create a visual disturbance for birds, making them uncomfortable and causing them to leave the area. The laser Beam is harmless to birds and humans, and it does not harm the environment.

Step Four: Set Up Timing and Duration. The Avix Laser Bird Deterrent System can be set up to run on a timer, so it turns on and off at certain times of the day or night. This helps to conserve energy and reduces the need for manual control.

Step Five: Continued Maintenance. To ensure the Avix Laser Bird Deterrent system remains effective, regular maintenance is required. This includes cleaning the projector lens and checking for any damage to the system. Don’t worry, Varment Guard can help with any continued maintenance needs!

Why Should I Use the Avix System?

One of the advantages of the Avix Laser Bird Deterrent system is that it is a humane and environmentally friendly solution to bird control. The system does not harm birds, disrupt the ecosystem, or create waste. This is in contrast to traditional methods of bird control, which may involve killing or trapping birds, or using chemicals that can harm the environment.

The Avix system can provide numerous benefits for commercial settings, including:

  1. The system can reduce the risk of bird strikes at airports, which will decrease the chances of damage to planes or the endangerment of human lives.
  2. In agricultural fields, the system can help protect crops from damage by birds, reducing the need for chemical pesticides.
  3. The system can improve food safety by reducing the risk of bird droppings from contaminating food processing facilities.
  4. Additionally, by reducing the amount of bird droppings, which are a leading cause of the spread of avian flu throughout bird populations, the Avix system disrupts the spread of the avian flu in commercial settings.

What is the Avian Flu?

Avian bird flu, also known as avian influenza, is a viral disease that affects birds, especially poultry. The virus can cause high mortality rates in birds and can also infect humans, leading to serious illness and death.

One of the ways that avian bird flu can be spread is through bird droppings, which can contain the virus. This is a significant concern in commercial settings, such as poultry farms and food processing facilities where the virus can spread quickly and cause widespread damage.

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How Does Avix Help with Avian Flu?

By deterring birds from roosting and nesting in areas where they can spread the virus, the system can help reduce the risk of contamination. Additionally, the system is a non-lethal, human solution to bird control, which is important for maintaining animal welfare standards in the poultry industry. By using the Avix Laser Bird Deterrent system, businesses can help protect both birds and humans from the risk of avian bird flu while also promoting a safer and more sustainable environment for all.

How Do I Get an Avix System Set Up at My Business or Home?

Avix does not offer installation services for their devices. In order to have the devices installed and receive ongoing maintenance, it is necessary to engage the services of a licensed technician. This is where Varment Guard can assist you. Our team consists of skilled and licensed wildlife technicians who are equipped to handle your Avix installation and maintenance needs. Get in touch with Varment Guard today to effectively manage nuisance birds on your property with the help of our experts.


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