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Swifts are infamous for making their nests inside chimneys. This can be a problem for homeowners. We understand that you want these pesky birds away from your home, but you have to make sure this problem is solved the right way because these birds are protected by the Migratory Bird Treaty Act.


Because these birds are protected, it is important to take preventative measures to keep them from setting up shop in your home in the first place. Keep reading to learn our tips and tricks on how to prevent these birds from entering your chimney:

How to Prevent Chimney Swifts From Nesting in Your Home

Tip #1: Install a Chimney Cap

Installing a chimney cap is one of the best ways to stop swifts from nesting in your chimney. Chimney caps are designed to cover the top of your chimney and prevent animals (like chimney swifts and bats) from entering.


Tip #2: Keep Your Chimney Clean

Cleaning your chimney regularly is a great way to keep all sorts of pests away from your space (from swifts to bats to squirrels). Chimney swifts are attracted to chimneys that are dirty and packed with debris. Keeping your chimney clean will discourage them from nesting inside.


But I Already Have Chimney Swifts… What Do I Do Now?

Tip #3: Get Help From The Professionals

Unfortunately, nothing can be done when the birds are already in your chimney. It’s a federal offense to damage or remove chimney swift nests until the hatchlings have left. But don’t worry—chimney swifts have an extremely short nesting cycle. It only takes six weeks for hatchlings to leave the nest.

After the young have left the nest in the late summer, Varment Guard can install bird-proof chimney caps to prevent these birds from entering and building new nests in the future. If you need help preventing chimney swifts, get in touch with Varment Guard today!


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