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Part of the facade of the building with plastic spikes against pigeons.

From Pigeons to Profits: Why Bird Control is Important for Your Business

The presence of birds, particularly pigeons, can quickly become a problem for your business. Utilizing effective methods like pigeon control netting, stainless steel bird spikes, and hiring a professional bird control company, can help. Let’s dive on the importance of keeping your business bird-free.

The Infamous Pigeon Problem in Commercial Spaces

Pigeons are attracted to commercial establishments due to the abundance of food and nesting spots. Unfortunately, their presence can lead to significant complications for businesses, including:

1. Property Damage: Pigeon droppings are not only unsightly but also acidic. Over time, this acid can damage roofs, balconies, machinery, ventilation systems, and other structures. This damage can be costly to repair and may cause significant disruptions to the business operations.

2. Health Risks: Pigeons can carry and transmit a variety of diseases, including salmonellosis and histoplasmosis. Pigeon droppings might also attract other pests, such as rats and insects, which can pose additional health risks.

3. Slip and Fall Hazards: Pigeon droppings can create a slippery surface, especially on walkways, stairs, and entrances. This can lead to slip-and-fall accidents, which could result in potential injury and associated liability for the business.

4. Noise and Disturbance: Pigeons can be noisy, particularly in large numbers, which might disrupt a business's operations or disturb customers.

5. Image Problems: Pigeons and their droppings can create a poor image for businesses, potentially deterring customers. This is particularly a concern for businesses like hotels, restaurants, and retail stores where appearance plays a crucial role in attracting customers.

6. Clean-Up Costs: Regular cleaning to remove pigeon droppings can become a significant and ongoing expense for businesses.

7. Blockages: Pigeons may nest in ventilation systems and gutters, potentially causing blockages that can lead to other problems like water damage.

8. Food Contamination: For food businesses, there's the risk of food contamination, which can lead to food poisoning and other health issues for customers.

Pigeon control is an essential aspect of maintaining the cleanliness, safety, and overall image of your commercial property.

Can Pest Control Get Rid of Pigeons?


Yes! Many wildlife pest control services, like Varment Guard, specialize in commercial bird control. Here’s how Varment Guard can get rid of your pigeon problem:

1. Pigeon Control Netting & Bird Spikes

One of the most effective and humane ways to control pigeon problems is through bird netting. Pigeon control netting serves as a physical barrier, keeping birds away from potential nesting or roosting areas. It's an ideal solution for businesses with large open spaces like warehouses or shopping centers.

For smaller areas such as ledges or window sills, stainless steel bird spikes are another efficient method. Varment Guard installs these spikes to deter birds from landing or nesting. They are robust, rust-resistant, and require minimal maintenance, making them a cost-effective choice for many businesses.

2. Pigeon Traps

In addition to exclusion, trapping is used to reduce the population of pigeons present. This makes the exclusion more effective and reduces the chance of them finding other areas on the structure/ property or( neighboring structures) to inhibit.

Sparrows: Managing Small Bird Intrusions


While pigeons are the usual suspects within commercial spaces, smaller birds such as sparrows can also be a challenge. Sparrows may be petite, but they often nest in groups, causing similar problems as pigeons.

The nests built by sparrows can block drainage systems, leading to water damage. Not to mention, their droppings are a nuisance and can also carry diseases. Varment Guard can provide specialized bird control measures that are both effective and humane.

Struggling with Seagulls?

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In coastal areas, seagulls can be a significant issue. These larger birds are known for their aggressive behavior and can pose a threat to customers and employees. Furthermore, their droppings, due to their high acidity, can damage rooftops and machinery. Their loud calls can also be disruptive, creating a less than ideal environment for businesses.

Canada Geese: Managing Migratory Bird Movements


For businesses located near water bodies, Canada Geese can be a seasonal problem. These large birds can be aggressive, especially during their nesting season. Moreover, their droppings are not only unpleasant but can also become a slipping hazard. 

If you’re having troubles with aggressive geese, get in touch with Varment Guard! Our experts can help relocate the birds humanely and effectively.

Commercial Bird Control with Varment Guard

Commercial bird control isn't just a necessary pest management measure; it's also an opportunity for businesses. By employing the services of an expert team like Varment Guard, businesses can improve their image, safety, and operational efficiency. Ready to keep your business bird-free? Contact Varment Guard today!


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