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Groundhog popping out of burrow

Groundhogs are a type of rodent known as a “marmot.” These rodents have a reputation for creating large, unsightly burrows that are usually made along and beneath the foundation of a house.

Groundhog burrows are often extremely large. Sometimes, they contain around 45 feet of tunnels! Because of the size and placement of their burrows, they can often cause damage to homes. Additionally, groundhogs can get into your property and set up shop in your basement!

If you’re experiencing issues with groundhogs in or near your home, it’s time to get in touch with the wildlife experts at Varment Guard. We remove groundhogs from basements, crawl spaces, under decks, sheds, and more—here’s how:

How to get groundhogs out of the basement


The best way to get rid of groundhogs that have made a home in your basement is to get help from an expert wildlife control company. Varment Guard has years of experience solving groundhog problems. Here is a sneak peek of our groundhog removal possess:


Upon arrival, our highly-trained technicians do an inspection of the premises to determine the best course of action for animal removal.

Barricade the entrance

If it turns out a groundhog is in the basement, we'll place a “barricade” or trap over the entrance and exit points—leaving only one exit point open. With only one way out, we will simply wait for the groundhog to enter the live-cage trap.

Live groundhog trapping

Varment Guard technicians have extensive experience using live-traps for groundhogs. These traps are most effective when they’re placed directly in the groundhogs’ runways or at burrow entrances.

Permanent groundhog barriers

Groundhogs undermine countless foundations and deck footings every year. If you’re experiencing this in your home or business, it may be time to consider a permanent solution like our exclusive pest guard barriers. Varment Guard can install shed and deck barriers that can be used on about any foundation.

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