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The experts at Varment Guard are highly trained wildlife removal and exclusion specialists. Over the years, we’ve performed thousands of jobs that have required animal damage repairs, sealing, and closing up of entrance points for bats, birds, mice, squirrels, and more.

There is a lot of knowledge and skill that goes into getting and keeping problem wildlife out of your home, including roof and attic exclusion. If your home has a vented ridge, you’re at risk of a bat, bird, mouse, or squirrel problem via the roof ridge vent. Once inside your home, these pests can damage insulation, wiring, plumbing, and HVAC ducts.

What kind of wildlife causes roof damage?

Common animals that are often found on roofs include:

Once these pests get into your home, they often leave feces in the attic, which can be a serious health risk. Stopping the entry of birds, bats, squirrels, and more from entering the home is our #1 goal at Varment Guard.

How can I stop wildlife from damaging my roof and attic?

We’ve seen a lot of roof ridge damage from animals over the years. Ridge-Guard® is the solution to this wildlife problem. Ridge-Guard® is a revolutionary product for preventing most pests like bats, birds, mice, squirrels, and more from being able to enter the roof through faulty, warped, lifted, or damaged ridge vents.


Ridge-Guard® eliminates the need for ridge vent tear-offs, keeping bats and other pests out. This helps save time and costs for those who want to keep animals out of the attic while maintaining proper ventilation in the attic.

Our technicians can do the costly task of removing old ridge-vents, replacing them, and adding new shingles—however, in most cases, we can simply install Ridge-Guard®.

Ridge-Guard® allows the roof vents to work properly, venting your attic, but eliminates the weakest link for pest entry.

Long Run Ridge Guard Roof Install

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If you’re hearing noises in your attic or scratching in your ceiling, floors, and walls, you may have unwanted pests living in your home. Finding the entrance points is our speciality. After 20 years of seeing thousands of dollars in damage to homes from bats, birds, mice, and squirrels Ridge-Guard® is the game-changer for the homeowner. Get in touch with Varment Guard today to request a free estimate or ask any questions you may have!


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