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Groundhog in backyard

The groundhog is an animal that many gardeners and homeowners are aware of. Due to their burrowing and tunnel systems, they can often be a troublesome wildlife pest.

Even though they can be problematic, groundhogs are a valuable part of our ecosystem. At Varment Guard, we believe in managing groundhogs in a humane manner. In this post, we’ll provide some useful strategies to deter groundhogs from your yard, without causing harm to the animal.

Understanding Groundhog Habits

To deter groundhogs effectively, understanding their habits is the first step. Groundhogs are primarily active during the daytime, and they feed on a wide range of vegetation. They're exceptional diggers, creating complex burrows for their living and breeding spaces. These groundhog burrows can sometimes cause damage to gardens and yards.

4 Tips on How to Deter Groundhogs

1. Create a Barrier

One of the best methods to keep groundhogs out of your yard is to erect a physical barrier. Fencing your garden is an excellent approach. However, remember that groundhogs are good climbers and diggers. Therefore, your fence should be at least 3 feet high and should also extend underground by about 1 foot to prevent groundhogs from burrowing underneath. To prevent climbing, make sure the top of the fence is bent outward.

2. Modify Their Habitat

Groundhogs are attracted to areas that provide ample food, water, and shelter. Therefore, by making your yard less attractive to them, you can deter their presence. Trim tall grasses and clear piles of debris that may serve as potential cover. Limit their access to food by covering fruit and vegetable gardens and by properly securing compost bins. Avoid leaving out pet food or water bowls that might attract them.

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3. Install a Motion-Activated Sprinkler

Motion-activated sprinklers can serve as an effective and humane deterrent. These devices spray water when they detect movement, startling the groundhog and encouraging it to relocate. Over time, groundhogs may associate your yard with these unpleasant surprises and avoid the area.


4. Call Varment Guard

If groundhogs continue to be a nuisance despite your efforts, it might be time to call in the professionals. Wildlife control services, like Varment Guard, can provide humane solutions that are both effective and environmentally friendly. Our specialists are trained to handle and relocate wildlife, ensuring their safety and your peace of mind.

We Can Humanely Solve Your Groundhog Problem


Deterring groundhogs from your yard can be done humanely and effectively with the right approach. At Varment Guard, we always encourage respect for all forms of life and aim to provide solutions that protect both our customers and our native wildlife. Ready to get started with humane wildlife services? Contact us today.


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