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Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is a theory of pest control that focuses on tailoring the pest control strategy to your particular situation, rather than trying to fit your situation into a “one-size-fits-all” control strategy. When you choose a company committed to IPM, it means that your residential pest management program treats the cause, not the symptoms. Even better, IPM pros can solve your problem without relying on the sort of heavy-duty stuff that would force you out of your home. That’s right: because they identify the most effective and preferable solution for you, IPM-trained technicians don’t have to try to brute force the problem away. The result is pest control that’s considerably preferable for homeowners and pets, while delivering the results you expect from the pros. Here are the four main reasons why IPM works, and why it’s the pest control solution we believe in. IPM utilizes expert pest entomology


The first step in IPM is developing and applying broad pest expertise. IPM experts study virtually every classification of insect, reptile, bird, or beast that could make trouble in your home. They know where they come from, how they get in, what they want, and of course, how to get rid of them. On the job, an IPM professional identifies which pests you have, how many you have, and where they’re coming from. Then, they get to know the environment. What makes your home a target? What can they do about it? Once they have the scoop, the IPM pro makes a plan based around your problem, not just a problem. No two pest problems are the same, so it doesn’t make sense to treat them all the same way. A personalized plan always works better than brute force, no matter how heavy-duty things get. caulking windows


IPM has a central theme: common sense. For instance, It doesn’t make much sense to get pests out of your home if you leave their way in open for business, does it? They’ll just wander back in at their convenience! That’s why IPM pest control focuses on keeping pests out of your home, rather than just removing the ones that are already inside. During an IPM inspection, the technician identifies the ways your pest snuck in and closes them off. Whether that mean sealing cracks, making maintenance suggestions, or patching holes, they make sure your pests stay out once they’re gone. Think of it as treating the cause, rather than just the symptoms. Technicians may also use various non-toxic chemical or mechanical repellents at this stage. Like other elements of IPM, these repellents are proven effective against your specific pest, so you know they’ll work. IPM utilizes non-toxic traps

Efficient Tool Use

When they know where to hit your pests and what to hit them with, the IPM pro can make a greater impact with less firepower. By sealing up the ways in, they isolate and limit the problem to something finite and solvable. By identifying what they’re dealing with, the pro learns which tools will be the most effective. Then, they can apply various mechanical, biological, chemical, and environmental controls to at-risk areas. Depending on the problem, they might use traps, monitors, repellents, netting, or a whole host of other tools to remove pests from where they’re not wanted. By controlling the scope of the problem before they act against it, our intrepid IPM hero can keep the heavy-duty stuff away from you and your pets. When they use professional products, they’ll let you know exactly where and when. Techniques like these also allow your technician to react to changing circumstances as they arise, so they know what to do no matter what happens. IPM utilizes cooperation!


The most important element of IPM is also the simplest: they work with you to solve your problem. You know your house and your problem. They know pests. You can give your pest control expert valuable information that they can use to better address the issue. In return, they’ll show you how you can continue to prevent the return of any pests after they’re gone. Your IPM super hero also comes up with an ongoing, preventative service that you can work on together, to make sure the treatment works as well as it should. Most importantly, they always take your personal needs into account when designing and performing their plan. After all, IPM is about using the best method to solve the problem. The best method always includes listening. Together, we’ll be unstoppable!   IPM isn’t the simplest form of pest control, but it is the safest, smartest, and most effective. By utilizing an IPM-based plan in every residential and commercial job, we can perform a more environmental, pet, and person-friendly service without sacrificing our results. Give Varment Guard a call the next time you have a pest problem, whatever that problem may be. Whether it’s rodents, snakes, or nuisance wildlife, we have the know how and the resources to deal with quickly, safely, and effectively. With IPM, pest control is just about painless.

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