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DIY Pest Treatment

Often the question is asked, "Why do I need a pest control company to get rid of my pests? Why can’t I just do it myself?" While self-treatment is tempting and may seem reasonable, there are a few very good reasons to use a professional pest company:

Not all products are created equal.

Some "over the counter+ insecticides (those available to the general public) are not effective at killing certain pests, despite what the label says. Many are also repellent to common pests such as roaches and bed bugs. Why is that a problem? It means that pests may avoid the product and spread to new areas of the structure. In the end, the problem resurfaces even worse than before.

Many do-it-yourself solutions are unsafe.

Safety hazards may be obvious (such as flammable or harsh chemicals), but others may not be readily apparent. Some treatments are only safe with the proper equipment. Using remedies from the internet can be risky.

A pest control company will have access to tools and products that are unavailable to most people.

They will be licensed to use these products safely and correctly. Many people try to save money by not hiring a pest control company, but end up spending more in the long run while trying multiple ineffective solutions.

Even with the right products, you must know how and where to treat to target specific problems.

Missing even one vital thing can cause treatment to fail. Experience and training are vital for consistently successful pest elimination. Our technicians undergo special training to know exactly what to do to resolve your problem in the quickest, safest, and most effective way possible.

Excellent pest control is about more than just good products.

Varment Guard uses Integrated Pest Management to solve bug problems. That means using all available and applicable control methods together, such as physical, cultural, environmental, and biological controls. We understand pest biology, which means a better solution.

A good pest control program will help stop future pest intrusion.

Having pest problems prevented instead of just corrected as they occur not only brings peace of mind, but saves money, because it is far more difficult to get rid of pests once they’ve become established. [cta]

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