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chipmunks in winter

Chipmunks are funny little creatures. We could describe them, relatively accurately, as “squirrel’s hyperactive little brothers.” It takes a lot to be considered hyperactive compared to squirrels, but chipmunks pull it off. Most homeowners don’t know much about chipmunks, except that they’re a surprisingly constant nuisance in spring and fall. Chipmunk’s constant, somewhat disruptive presence begs the question: what are they doing around your home anyway? What do chipmunks want, and why do they think that it’s up your drain pipes? Here’s everything you didn’t know you wanted to know about chipmunks--including why they seem to like your garage so much.

What are Chipmunks?

25 extant identified species Greek for “storer.” Eastern chipmunk black fur stripe where do chipmunks live

Where Do Chipmunks Live?

10 to 30-foot long subsist on plant matter

How Do Chipmunks Survive Winter?

They carry it to various hidden food caches large cheek pouches do not truly hibernate How Can I Keep Chipmunks Away From My House

How Can I Keep Chipmunks Away From My House?

build their burrows near you give Varment Guard a call

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