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rabbits in winter

Most of the common critters scampering around your yard all year make themselves scarce by November. Squirrels are hunkered down with their nut stashes. Chipmunks are hibernating in their secluded shelters. Even most birds fly disappear. Winter makes your yard a quieter, more animal-free place. At least… except for the rabbits. Truthfully, rabbits aren’t any more active in winter than they are any other time of year. They’re not any less active either, however. If anything, you’ll notice rabbits more now than you did during the summer. The snow makes it much easier to notice certain… signs that they’re around. Rabbits can be annoying, disruptive, and destructive in your yard, even in winter. Here are the best ways to keep rabbits away.

When it comes to wildlife removal Fort Wayne nuisance animal experts can help you figure out exactly what is going on and how to stop the issue from becoming a major problem.

Fence Off Food

adjust their usual diet installing wire mesh fencing When rabbits forage for food in winter, they’ll snack on virtually anything they can find

Clear The Clutter

really weren’t kidding wind their way from snack to snack

Seal Off Shelters

dig their own miniature burrows Rabbits have amazing hearing and sight,

Sprinkle Some Scents

blood crushed red peppers ammonia vinegar, and garlic give Varment Guard a call

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