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mice in house

Of all the wildlife problems homeowners deal with, none is as common nor enduring as a mouse infestation. Nearly everyone who’s ever lived in a home has dealt with mice at one time or another. They seem to have a nearly uncanny ability to infiltrate and live in our homes.

Despite their apparent creativity, rodents actually only use a couple common routes to enter homes. It just so happens that these routes just keep working for them! This video covers how a mouse might enter your home--and how you could keep it out. Here’s how to keep mice out for good:

Mice aren’t highly-successful building invaders because they’re particularly sneaky; they just have a playbook that works for them! By patching up a few key vulnerabilities, you’ll go a long way toward keeping them out for good. And hey--patching up drafts is good for your heating bill, to boot!

These tips might keep mice out, but they won’t help much with the rodents already living in your home! If you’re already dealing with a mouse problem, you should get in touch with Varment Guard’s pest control partner Plunkett’s right away. We’ll drive out the pests in your home and help you keep them out for good.


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