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squirrel eating nuts

Summer’s winding down, which means fall is right around the corner. We might still be in the “denial” phase, but nature sure isn’t. Around this time every year, all kinds of wildlife kick into overdrive to prepare for their winter. As you’re no doubt already aware, no animal does this quite like squirrels. The small, quick mammals are considered nature’s busybodies for a reason. Every year, they launch into a legendary proactive winter preparation mode. And it all starts right about now. If you feel like you’ve been seeing more squirrels around your property than usual, it’s not your imagination. Here’s what those bushy-tailed busybodies are up to this year, and how it could affect you. ‌

Having babies

Squirrels have babies in February-April and August-September two litters every year for about 40 days dreys open their eyes after about four weeks


Squirrels use "scatter hoarding" to organize the food they collect scatter-hoarding create fake buried caches mnemonic strategies

Bulking up

Squirrels are infamous for how they fatten up over the winter fattening themselves up frustrated owners of bird feeders can attest especially active in mornings and evenings during late summer

Preparing their nests

dreys all kinds of different places give Varment Guard a call


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